Frustration thy name is Shimano

19 June 2009

So the nearly NOS Guerciotti frame of mine had a Shimano Sante headset installed on it, meaning the fork was cut too short to install a Campy headset. Damn. Add another component to the list of non-Campy on the Guerch.

So here it is instead:

Supposedly this group was positioned somewhere between Ultegra and Dura Ace intended for the semi-pro rider. So still far above my riding level… Also great if you’re planning to build a bike to get married on as all the components are white.

Chrome would’ve been prettier.


15 June 2009

So where exactly does one find a bike’s worth of 1980-90s vintage parts….

Here and there.

4 countries, 6 states, and several bikes stores later…

Bottom Bracket – Nice Woody

10 June 2009

Ever think to yourself: “you know what would be fun? firing some bullets at my bike.” Well, that’s what Phil Wood components are all about. Bulletproof. Great choice for a bottom bracket.

This will be one of the few modern components on the bike aside from the Mavics. Based on what I’ve heard about the old school cup-and-cone bottom brackets, it is a nightmare. In addition, what were the Italians doing? Besides bizarre choices for threading and so on, extra bonus with an Italian bottom bracket — right handed threading when you’d like left means the cup likes to loosen itself (physics!). With a California bike heritage, the first component maker to utilize cartridge bearings, and the maker of the best lube around, Phil Wood is a natural fit. If I know what I’m doing, you’ll even be able to see the beautiful Phil logo through the G-star. If that’s not bike porn, I don’t know what qualifies anymore.

Rims and Fun with Lacing

8 June 2009

The rims are here! The good old Mavic Open Pro. No ridiculous aero wheels, just the simple standard.

Which brings us to the fun part – lacing!

If you thought your shoes were fun, then you are in for a treat. After much contemplation, two wheels have emerged.

The Rear Wheel: standard issue 3-cross.

A well established, rock solid lacing pattern that should keep the rear wheel nice and true. I’ve built a couple of these, so I have some practice under my belt.

The Front Wheel: Ridiculousness.

For the front wheel, there’s no need to worry about torque like you do for the rear, so we may as well make some bad decisions. “Crow’s foot” and “3-leading; 3-trailing” lacing were both considered, but I came to the conclusion that this one right here would be the most unique option on the table. It’s a combo of 2-cross and 3-cross spokes and with 36 spokes, it ought to be strong enough. We’ll find out soon enough.

More to come once it’s wheel build time…

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

4 June 2009

Like an amazing metaphor for life, these Cinelli bars/stem will guide the old Guerch. Why amazing? Cinelli was responsible for getting the Guerciotti brothers into frame building and trained them in the art. So the partnership continues.

One side note, the bars are actually relatively modern, but still have the old school Cinelli bar diameter. They also feature the “ergo” bend (see how it’s not a smooth curve like most retro bars), which will be nice once it’s actually time to go on some long rides. Hands — you are welcome.