Rims and Fun with Lacing

The rims are here! The good old Mavic Open Pro. No ridiculous aero wheels, just the simple standard.

Which brings us to the fun part – lacing!

If you thought your shoes were fun, then you are in for a treat. After much contemplation, two wheels have emerged.

The Rear Wheel: standard issue 3-cross.

A well established, rock solid lacing pattern that should keep the rear wheel nice and true. I’ve built a couple of these, so I have some practice under my belt.

The Front Wheel: Ridiculousness.

For the front wheel, there’s no need to worry about torque like you do for the rear, so we may as well make some bad decisions. “Crow’s foot” and “3-leading; 3-trailing” lacing were both considered, but I came to the conclusion that this one right here would be the most unique option on the table. It’s a combo of 2-cross and 3-cross spokes and with 36 spokes, it ought to be strong enough. We’ll find out soon enough.

More to come once it’s wheel build time…

3 Responses to Rims and Fun with Lacing

  1. Danno says:

    Front wheel: redonk-i-donk.

  2. Matt says:

    What about a simple radial design, i.e. no crossing of any sort? I know it's not the most exciting (yawn) but I'm always thought it was the most elegant. Do you need shorter spokes to do that? This is just for the front wheel, of course.

  3. Dan Bernards says:

    Radial lacing is for skinny people and those with modern components. Not suitable for me (fatty) and Campy c-record components.

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