Parts, parts, parts…

As things start coming together, it’s about time for a components run-down for the cyclocross bike. A bunch of this came from a discount hook-up, which mean I bought several of the parts before there was a frame in sight. So, here’s what I have so far:

Frame/Fork: Gary Fisher Presidio/Bontrager Sattelite Carbon

This is the 2009 frame and fork from a Gary Fisher Presidio. It has definitely seen a few miles based on the wear on the paint, but the frame looks good (it’s steel, so why worry?) and the fork doesn’t have any obvious points of concern.

Stem: Bontranger

This came along with the frame. Not sure if I’ll keep it based on the reach and how things feel. It’ll be easier to tell once all the components are on the bike.

Headset: Aheadset

Another component that came along with the frame. Don’t see any reason to switch this out. I will replace the bearings before I reseat everything though.

Brake/shifter: Shimano Ultegra

This is acually the first component I got for this bike. Knowing that STI shifters can be pretty spendy, especially if you want ultegra or dura-ace quality stuff, I had my eye out on ebay early for these. They’re slightly beat up, but the shifting feels good so these should do the job.

Brakes: Crane Creek Canti’s

Nothing to fancy, but they’ll do the trick. It’s cross, so it’s got to be cantilevers. Mud, here I come.

Rear Derailleur: Shimano Ultegra

I already had the ultegra shifters, so I figured my best bet for compatibility would be an ultegra rear derailleur. Here it is.

A few components have been placed on order, but are not quite in my possession yet. They are:

Front Derailleur: Shimano Ultegra

This is a component that I really needed a frame to decide on. I figured it’d be Ultegra, but whether it was braze-on or clamp-on and all those sorts of details kept me from deciding on this until just recently.

Front/Rear Hub: Shimano Ultegra

I waffled back and forth on what to do here. I considered Phil Wood for a front hub, but defnitely can’t afford it for the rear: I may not have a mortgage, car payments or any kids (that I know of), I’m still a relatively poor postdoc. I should find cheaper hobbies. I considered using a Surly front hub I had, but I’d prefer quick-release hubs. So this combo seemed like the best option.

Rims: Mavic Open Pros

Didn’t put a ton of thought into this one. I’ve had one on the rear wheel of my single speed commuter and it has taken a beating without any problems. These are the rims on the G-star. Solid rims, well made, easy choice.

There are a few things that I’m assuming I’ll have, but still need to actually get them in my possession.

Spokes: Double Butted 14g/15g

These should be some combination of Wheelsmith, DT Swiss and Phil Wood double-butted spokes, depending on what I manage to grab locally.

Crankset: White Industries 175 mm

A friend has a slightly older 175 White Industries crank off an Hunter cross bike that is simply too long for him. It should make sense for me, so I think we’re making a deal on this, it simply has yet to happen (if I weren’t sick this weekend, it would’ve happened today probably). Not sure what bottom bracket is going to make sense with this.

Still need to figure out what gearing makes the most sense for me on a cross bike. So cassette is yet to be determined.

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