Santa Rosa CXSR #3

12 January 2010

My third complete cyclocross race coincided with the third race of the Santa Rosa series. After mangling my front wheel at the Sierra Point and getting busy with work/vacation, this would be my “triumphant” return. Luckily we got there early to check out the course prior to race time and discovered the two muddy ditches. One started out being very ridable and the other was a mud pit. So basically if you hadn’t rode the course ahead of time, there’s a good chance you will find yourself either (a) stationary spinning your rear wheel in the mud or (b) sticking your front wheel and giving yourself a nice muddy facial. In addition to the ditches the course included a stretch of dirt road, baseball field (including red gravel warning track), sloshy grass, and a decent stretch of bumpy field. If nothing else, the course was a bit messy and things were starting to feel like proper cyclocross. Read the rest of this entry »

Resolution: No More Endos

7 January 2010

Normally I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, but I’ll make an exception. Since I demonstrated how to not “do it” at the Sierra Point Super Prestige race (it was for the kids), I have been trying to find time to true the front wheel I mangled in the process. Yesterday I finally made my way over to the Bike Kitchen and rediscovered one inalienable truth: a bent rim is not meant to be straight. After more than an hour of pings, creaks, and other unspeakable noises at the truing stand, eventually one of the nipples got stripped due to insane spoke tension. Read the rest of this entry »