Overly belated and lacking pictures, but here it is, my Beer2Brakers recap.

Two weekends ago was the premiere cycling event of San Francisco’s annual beer week. A take off from the annual 12k race/street party known as Bay to Breakers, Beer2Brakers does it with a lot less costumes and a lot more bikes. The registration and initial festivities were held at the space shared by Chuey and De La Paz Coffee in the Mission. Here we enjoyed a free for all of De La Paz Coffee, tons of tasty food (breakfast tacos, chocolate donut holes somehow infused with bacon, misc cheeses, pulled pork, and cheesesteaks), and all sorts of beer pairings including Anchor Porter, Magnolia Pale Ale, Speakeasy (Big Daddy?), Trumer Pils, and a homebrewed Dunkelweiss.

Then it was off for the ride portion. Check out my ride map here.

First stop, Thirsty Bear for some imperial pints. Unfortunately no one in our smaller subgroup was that familiar with the streets of SOMA, so we took at less than ideal route. Somehow, we managed to be one of the first groups to get there. Next onto Gordon Biersch for some nice german lagers. Then when just getting underway, @brianLeeT produced our first casualty with a classic “oh no, i’m still clipped-in and not moving except toward the ground” crash move. Slight delay, but he’s ok. Again, we didn’t know exactly the best way, and unfortunately we listened to a friend who sent us on a route going over the hill instead of around it. No worries, there was a reward of beer awaiting as we reviewed @brianleet‘s injuries.

After refueling with some fries and calamari, we were ready to head onto Mojo Cafe. Again, we could’ve gone the easy way, but why not try something new. After an unnecessary hill and a few miles of riding we’re at Mojo. The perfect time to grab a beer and look at bike parts. This was effectively the end of Beer2Breakers for most everyone. For us, we attempted a stop at Little Star for pizza, but they were packed, so instead we hit Fly Bar for dinner. After this, we all parted ways, and I headed to Magnolia for my last strong beer. Once I ordered my beer, the bartender kind of looked at the ticket a bit dumbfounded. Sort of like “is this possible?”.

With glass in hand, I made a quick stop at home to grab some Vanderdans on my way to the beach. About 2/3 of the way to the Breakers, I get a flat. Fantastic. I guess my tire had gotten deflated over the day, because it looked like a pinch flat. Everything is going fine until I notice the spare CO2 cartridge I grabbed for my inflater is not threaded. What’s the worst that can happen. Let’s just jam it in there and hope some of the CO2 gets into the tire and I don’t dismember myself with an errant cartridge. Somehow it works and it’s ridable. Hot damn. I make it to the breakers and reward myself with a Vanderdans Dubbel.

2 Responses to Beer2Brakers

  1. Slonie says:

    There may not be any pics, but at least you actually wrote about it!

  2. beergazelle says:

    All I know is: yes! at least one person reads my blog

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