Winning: The Santa Rosa Cyclocross Finale

All I know about my cyclocross season finale at Santa Rosa is that I was a winner:

(photo credit to Lisa Beres via @brianLeeT)

Handups aside (thanks @brianLeeT), this race was easily my best performance, finishing out of the lower 30% of racers for the first time ever. The course itself was very flat, but included 6 barriers, a sand pit and a bunny hop-able set of curbs. I think my technique through the barriers definitely helped. For the C’s race, the course was sloppier than later in the day as things seemed to dry out and pack down. I almost had some excitement on the last lap as another racer tried to catch me, but he slid out trying to accelerate out of a corner so I managed to hold my finishing position.

I was not the only winner of the day:

(photo credit to Dan Oehlberg)

Watching the Skuut dollar grab unfurl in front of my eyes was true magic. The afternoon was packed with barbecuing, dollar grabs, and beer hand ups, which culminated in the Men’s B Master’s race.  Our personal champ was Jeff (riding for Paul Comp), who made it over from Chico:

(photo credit to Kirsty Ochs via Jeff Ochs)

It takes a special rider to take hand ups in the double digits during the race. Such excellence needs to be acknowledged (and envied).

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the return of cyclocross this fall.

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