Everyone Cyclebrate!

This past weekend marked the first cross race in northern California, and my first wake up call of the year. I know cross season has rolled around when I’m seeing the sunrise as I cycle to meet @itsdanno to drive to the race. The drive to Folsom’s Cyclebration was a long one and the weather was hot (at least by SF standards), but the getting that first race under the belt was worth it.

The course design was a nice mix of pavement, single-tracky dirt, loose dirt, and grass. While wrapping up our pre-ride, @itsdanno managed to pick up a couple thorns (and two flats), so I helped with a quick tire change before making my way to the start. Being the first race, I decided to feel out the field and started in the rear of the pack. Pretty much the whole race consisted of me reeling in whoever was in front of me. Caught a couple with accellerations on the pavement. One or two on the grass. At least one every lap at the second set of barriers by shouldering before the tight s-curves leading up to it. Had plenty of gas for a sprint to the finish at the end, but didn’t need it as I’d fallen into a no-man’s land with no one close ahead or behind. Very proud of my 16th finish (assuming that the 2nd finisher got DQ’d, probably for being ahead in the B’s race that immediately followed ours).

My first race wearing Mission Cycling Kit and easily my best placing in a cross race, so it looks like my off-season training is paying dividends. Still plenty of things to work on, but I can definitely see things moving in the right direction. Luckily I didn’t have to deal with the drama of @zach_bass having double flatted during the race. Although he did get to ride a pair of Zipp wheels, so maybe that slightly balances it out… Most importantly, never forget to recover, which for us meant heaps of food at Murder Burger in Davis on our way back to the bay:

Anyone else excited about the season to come?

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