Up the hill, down the hill

For those of you who listen to the Bugle, you’ll remember this basic breakdown of cycling sport: up the hill, down the hill, short bit, long bit, so on. It turns out, this is a pretty concise summation of Monkey Cross #3 at Franklin Park.

down the hill (via @girlbike)

The course here was mostly restricted to the hill above the soccer field so as not to anger too many soccer moms/players. This made for lots of steep, off-camber sections that only got sloppier as the day played out. My starting position wasn’t too great, but I worked my way up through out the race. I guess my training was paying off since I had some success riding up sections that slowed others down. Some sections just became run ups regardless:

up the hill  (photo via nickgaetano)

I felt like I had a strong race despite a 20th of 31 finish. A testament to getting a good spot in the starting grid. The treat of the day was when Levi Leipheimer showed up for the A’s race.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention he looked like a new born giraffe getting over the barriers. Even so, he’s still a lot better at cross:

Levi hammering it in the A’s (photo via nickgaetano)

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