Always race hard, occasionally race fast

My return to Sierra Point was two years in the making. My initial experience there was in my first year racing. The result – a DNS. The rare abbreviation: did not start. Yeah, endo-ing in the pre-ride is pretty pro. This time around, I raced probably one of my cleanest races to date. Certainly my best single speed effort. Of course that doesn’t necessarily translate into placing. Not that it really matters.

Turn that grimace into a pain face (courtesy of Kevin White)

After wrecking a frame and doing some sandbagging, BASP’s annual “night race” was my first effort on my new SS rig. Night race is in quotes since only fast people get to race under the lights. Being in San Bruno it was just close enough to ride and BART to the race – sooo punk rock. After hanging out and pre-riding the course a bit, I had plenty of time to settle in and get ready. Call ups slotted the first 3 rows, which added insult to injury after my fast start but catastrophic effort at Candlestick. I feel like I held my start position most of the race and didn’t move much up or down.

Sierra Point is a tricky course. There’s no recovery. The ups and downs are super short. Just lots of bumpy grassy field or long pavement sections. That said, technically I thought my skills were relatively solid (clipping back in still needs help). Handling I did well and the downhill sections didn’t put me over my bars, so progress. I did manage my standard race strategy of fading about half way through the race. The only highlight I can really remember from the end of the race is deciding to sprint the final pavement section into the finish to edge it out for 32nd. Yeah. Crushing it. Probably felt like one of my fastest races, but it’s all relative I suppose. Time to start campaigning for a Clydesdale category (foreshadowing!).

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