Race Reports are for Suckers

The further I get behind on my race reports for the season, the more I come to realize there’s not always a story in a race report. People like stories. At least they’d prefer them I’d guess. So conflicted about writing race reports when my hearts not in it, or I don’t have anything interesting to say. Ah fuck it, here’s for posterity…

SSCXWC Happened:

This was fun. I was too worried about my daisy dukes, and forgot my tires were at 60psi from the ride to GGP. There’s a chance if I had taken care of that I might have won the Clydesdales. Instead I was third. Of my competitors, I firmly believe that I won at life. The guy who won had gears and no costume. The guy who was second had no costume. Wife beater. Cut-offs. Single Speed. It captured the spirit of the thing. Still haven’t seen a picture from my effort.

Double Up:

Santa Rosa Cup #1 and the GGP super prestige race were the same weekend. It actually went pretty well. The peanut butter consistency of mud at the SRC was interesting. Could have been a couple places higher without a funny mechanical toward the end of the race. Whatever, 7th is still top 10 and I shouldn’t be racing C’s anymore (sandbagger).

GGP was maybe my strongest race of the year. Home turf. Legs were surprisingly good considering putting in a hard effort on Saturday. I went with a harder gear because I wanted to race fast. Still got lapped by the SS A leaders, and I put my standard mid-pack SS finish in – top half at a super prestige event is not shabby. And the cross clash began in earnest right here.

Cross Clash:

Last year, I met Nick from Zeitgeist since we both made it out to the Santa Rosa series. Over the summer he got lean and mean and started racing B’s, so our competition went into hibernation for a while, until SS worlds. He switched his cross bike over to SS and decided to leave it for the rest of the season. I’m still convinced he’s faster than me, but I somehow bested him at Coyote Point and GGP. I guess I got lean and mean too. The second Santa Rosa Cup race will mark our third cross clash, featuring the cross clash carp0ol.

Ride Lots:

I’m almost up to 1000 miles on each of my bikes. So I stopped actively training (largely because a week up in Oregon will get in the way) and decided to just ride lots of miles. Yeah, I’m going to make this happen. I think for New Year’s Eve day I’ll culminate things by riding my favorite spots – Sutro CX, GGP CX, the Polo Fields, the Butter Lap, and top it off with a ride to see how much beer I can pack in my panniers. It’s going to be fun. Ask to tag along if you like.

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