The Origin

Running up the storm soaked hill at the fairgrounds outside Astoria, Oregon, I was wishing I hadn’t drank as much the previous night catching up with my sister. Giving it all I’ve got, I suddenly hear “you’re a gazelle… you’re a gazelle in a beer drinker’s body!”, and a sudden burst of adrenaline pushes me up the hill. Thankfully, my remount looked graceful and elicited “alright, looking better!” from one of the few beginner’s race spectators. It only took a few seconds of flailing as I attempted to clip into my pedals that my efforts prompted an “oh, nevermind” from the peanut gallery.

Was it love at first heckle?

While my blogging efforts technically began as I built my (mostly) period appropriate ’89 Guerciotti road bike, they were properly solidified when a friend convinced me to start riding cyclocross (because if I were ‘racing’ that would imply a certain level of competitiveness). Thus the Beer Gazelle was born, doing my best to detail my combined enthusiasm for cycling and beer.

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