Oh my God, we’re all going to die

29 August 2009

This morning’s ride was a bit interesting. It all starts with the fact I left the bar at last call yesterday and woke up with around 7 because I left the shades drawn. Sleep deprived and dehydrated always a good start to the day.

Originally I had planned doing paradise loop, but I did not realize my own strength and snapped the cable to the front derailleur when it wasn’t shifting and I tried to “help” it along. So I decide to divert to headlands. Everything is fine, i get to the top of the climb no issues… It’s beautiful (also crap phone camera):

I start down the descent and get outside my comfort zone very quickly. Basically I’m not a fast descender anyway and the majesty of whether the delta brakes will fully function is still in the back of my mind. So I turn back and notice that the front brake is rubbing against the tire. Apparently in the 20 seconds down the steep way the brake had shifted its way down (something I had noticed during last ride and adjusted for before this one). I guess the shear of braking just pulls on it enough to get it to shift down. So I’ve got a cable to replace and an urgent need to make that front delta brake stay put.

Then the last bit of fun is my attempt to go through Lands End past the Legion of Honor to the cliff house, but the small road shown on google maps is part a road and part a gravel/dirt path. Road bikes (and me riding one) aren’t too fond of such things. I ended up cutting up on a path that led to the VA hospital and just giving up and heading home. Still managed 20-ish miles. Alright.

::trumpet fanfare:: Delta Brakes ::trumpet fanfare::

10 May 2009

Building an Italian bike that’s from 1986-1993? If it doesn’t have Delta Brakes, it’s crap. Less so for the actual performance and more so for the beauty/ridiculousness. A true case of form over function. Likely the most expensive single component on the bike. Ride them for the compliments, swear at them for their operation. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The best part – these brakes were won on eBay using a friend’s iPhone (thanks @the_danno) at Toronado from a seller in France. Most money i’ve ever dropped at a bar in one sitting… so far.