Synchro Shifters

22 May 2009

Probably the second most ridiculous component on the bike. Known for their finickiness and lack of desired functionality, these beauties were Campy’s attempt to do index shifting in the late-80’s to early 90’s. These are second generation synchro shifters (but after they did away with the designation between 1st and 2nd gen. why do I know this?). Interestingly enough, these are for 8-speed, which is far less than ideal with freewheel type hubs since it puts more stress on the axle than desired. I have no clue what kind of magic i’m going to have work to get them functioning as desired, but I will probably have the most success just replacing the cog for 8 speed indexing with a 6 or 7 speed version.

If nothing else, they’ll work in friction mode and I can just make a clicking noise whenever I shift. ::click::click::click:: Oh, there’s the gear I wanted….


2 May 2009

While you’re buying components for a vintage bike build, it is easy to come to the conclusion that money will in fact power your bicycle. In truth, that is only half of the story. So while your wallet will provide the tears, your legs are responsible for the sweat. Enter the mighty crank.

These get a lot of abuse, so finding beautiful ones is not easy. Most of the scuffs and wear don’t really show in this picture. That’s ok, yet more motivation to actually get out and ride the bike once it’s done, unlike this.

Front Derailleur

27 April 2009

Slowly but surely the parts trickle in… Not 100% sure this is technically C-record, but it’s visually identical as far as my standards go. And the march of progress continues.

It’s at least 3rd gen C-record because the cable bolt can be tighten with either 8 mm wrench or 5 mm allen. Why do I know this distinction? I thought i mentioned this is an addiction…