Everyone Cyclebrate!

13 September 2010

This past weekend marked the first cross race in northern California, and my first wake up call of the year. I know cross season has rolled around when I’m seeing the sunrise as I cycle to meet @itsdanno to drive to the race. The drive to Folsom’s Cyclebration was a long one and the weather was hot (at least by SF standards), but the getting that first race under the belt was worth it.

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The Headlands Aren’t Closed

7 June 2010

A lot of cyclists think the headlands are closed. Not true – you just can’t use the road. Be creative.

Departing from a trailhead at the saddle of Hawk Hill, there’s all sorts of trails for mountain/cross riding. Since ‘cross season is only a few months away, better start getting in shape now. The trails that run through the Headlands (and beyond) connect a series of valleys. For us that means lots of climbing and descending. With @itsdanno as my guide, we headed across the bridge to do some damage off-road.

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Going Away “Party”

28 May 2010

At my friend Alex’s going away party last weekend, too far into the night, we decided that one last ride together needed to happen. Originally, this was going to be a morning ride of Mt Tam, but evolved into a ride from Stanford where he formerly worked. Without much thought (or knowledge of the rides throughout the peninsula), I agreed to his proposed loop including Page Mill and Tunitas Creek. With the simple description “it will kill us. i promise”, how could I say no? Read the rest of this entry »

Winning: The Santa Rosa Cyclocross Finale

22 March 2010

All I know about my cyclocross season finale at Santa Rosa is that I was a winner:

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Life is Happening

3 March 2010

Things are busy. Good things are happening, but those things happen to be non-bike and non-beer related. So the blog is further behind that usual (when it comes to deceptive speed, I am noticing that can imply amazingly fast OR amazingly slow).

I promise there will be a CX Santa Rosa finale recap (i.e. kiddie dollar grab and beer hand-up tutorial), wheel building madness (how many wheels will I rebuild and can I crush a front wheel meant for touring on my cross bike?), a how-to on how I assembled my almost professional looking chain link + old tube seat protector, and definitely an (unimpressive) plot of my cycling miles this year and my polo field track times to date. Also, more parenthesis!