Bar Ends

27 April 2009

In a nod to completely overboard superficiality, Bar Ends!

Like the appendix, despite the fact we can all live without these, everyone inevitably has them. You know what I always say: if it’s going to cause me extreme pain before it has to be surgically removed, it might as well look nice in the meantime.

And then there was a frame…

19 April 2009

What happens when you watch eBay for lugged steel italian bicycle frames for a while? You end up buying one…. at first it was going to be an orange 1989 Olmo NOS frame, but then there was the Guerciotti. Not too many miles, lighter steel than the Olmo, internal cable routing, and I’d actually ride it since it wasn’t untouched out of a box.

Now to find all the other pieces… Welcome to the bicycle addiction.